Clash of Clans: Offensive and Defensive Strategy with Air Defenses and Hidden Tesla

16 Jan

Clash of Clans: Offensive and Defensive Strategy with Air Defenses and Hidden Tesla

We continue one more day talking about the defensive structures of Clash of Clans and the different defensive and offensive strategies against these structures. The last day we were talking about mortars and towers of wizards so today we will squarely with Air Defenses and Hidden Tesla, two defenses that can give a lot of game.

The air defenses and the Hidden Tesla are structures with very interesting advantages. The first is a very effective defense against balloons and dragons while the Tesla plays with the surprise factor to destroy offensive strategies.

Air Defenses

Air Defenses

Air defense is the only defensive construction that attacks only air units. It has a very large radius of attack and its damage per second is quite high. Its weak point is, precisely, its weakness before terrestrial troops:

  • Defense: Due to its great range of attack, the best defensive strategy with aerial defenses is to place them so that they cover all possible stores and the city hall. Until level 8 of the town hall we will not have three air defense units, so until that time we will have to try to adapt the village so that the two units available cover everything. These structures are often the number one target when the attacker has an offensive strategy based on balloons and dragons, so it is advisable to surround the air defenses of other defensive structures.
  • Attack: If you attack with aerial troops your first objective must be to disable the aerial defenses and any terrestrial troops you serve for it. Although dragons suffer with these defenses, it has nothing to do with balloons, since air defenses can destroy any balloon with a couple or three shots, so keep them off.

Hidden Tesla

hidden tesla clash of clans

Halfway between a trap and a defensive building, the Hidden Tesla is a powerful weapon because of the surprise factor, being hidden until the enemy units approach and because it does not need to be recharged as the traps. The Tesla has a decent range of action although that range decreases when it is hidden and unactivated.

  • Defense: As we have already said, the biggest advantage of Hidden Tesla is the surprise factor. Placing them in a good position can be decisive in the defense of the village, so the most important thing is to avoid making it easy to guess their position. Closing them in 2 × 2 boxes can make their position very evident so it is advisable to make visible several sites where a Hidden Tesla could fit to confuse the adversary. When you are improving a Hidden Tesla, it will be visible to your enemies, thus discovering their position, so better leave them out of the village while the improvement is made.
  • Attack: All the opposite that in the defense. You should avoid any site that seems suspicious of containing a Hidden Tesla. Keep in mind that the hidden Tesla only activates if you are in your range or the village you are attacking suffers a 50% damage.

With these tips, less remains to complete all the defensive constructions of the village. In the coming days we will continue talking about the most destructive buildings by using the amazing clash of clans hack tool, if you have questions do not hesitate to share them with us.