Clash Royale brief introduction

13 Feb

Clash Royale brief introduction

Are you a the boy who is passionate is his time to spend funny games to play the phone or the computer? Do you have friends who call you a “player”? If ya, I’m very happy to show you a relaxing game – Clash Royale.

What is this game about?

This is a mobile strategy video game that is based and also published by Supercell. This is a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland. This game is dived on the fierce January 2016 for iOS and Android platforms on the sixteenth of February. Let’s start with the game review and talk about the Clash Royale Hack.

Clash Royale is a relaxing real-time strategy game where players must collect different cards based on Clans Universe figures. These cards are unique and you are used with the only goal to destroy the tower of your opponent. Each victory is made up of several cards, prizes and, finally, fame.

What can you do in Clash Royale?

Players have a variety of possibilities – you can discover three arenas, divide cards from other clans, challenge other players who are online and enter into private duels. So, you can challenge the members of your clan to a friendly duel, but be aware that it is not a profit when you do that; This is just a source of entertainment. You will not get any prizes or gold; You only win the humility of your clan, indifferent to the one you lose, for both are members of the same clan. But, for the reason of the improvement dived in February, friendly fight no longer cost nothing.

Card classification

Maps are arranged according to their stats. There are three card types in common, rare and epic. The epic cards are easily found and you are cheap to improve, while the rare heavier are to be found and cost more. But, the valuable cards are the epic, which are hard to find, unfortunately. If you choose to make cards to other clan members, you are crowned. You can call it Karma- “You’re doing well, you’re getting well.” Not only will you help your friends, but you will also get Gold and XP. XP allows you to have a higher position and that makes your crown tower stronger, while gold can be used in kunfitge fight and when you buy cards. Easiest way to earn gold and precious stones is by using the Clash Royale hack visit to homepage.

Rewards for games, chests with a timer

When it comes to chests, you should know that there are three main types. Even though you get a free breast every four hours, you can only store two of them at once. Why should you be collected? Because you will have the countdown for your future free of charge chest. But, crown chests cards offer, gems and free loot and are free every 24 hour. You are not cranky under the condition that you win ten crowns in multiplayer battles. The complex chest type, the treasure chest, gives into three areas – silver, gold and magical chests. You can follow them if you use gems or you get these chests when you win a fight.