Discover all The Cards of Clash Royale

16 Jan

Discover all The Cards of Clash Royale

Clash Royale Card

Today we bring you the guide of all the cards of Clash Royale that we are going to find in this game. If you still do not know it you can read our Analysis of Clash Royale.

To begin with let’s explain that this game has constant updates and improvements, initially had only 42 cards divided into three groups but their number has been increasing. Currently these cards can be of four different types:

  • Common
  • Specials
  • Epic
  • Legendary

These cards are going to be able to be unlocked as we ascend in the different arenas that Clash Royale brings us, these arenas would be equivalent to the leagues that exist in the game also of Supercell: Clash of Clans. Each arena will bring us a different type of cards that we can get, this does not mean that we can not get the cards offered in the previous arenas, but as we go up in league there will be more cards that we can get at that time.

We will have 2 ways to get the cards, the first is through coffers that the game with use this clash royale hack generator will give us every time we win a battle, when we collect a certain number of crowns or every “x” time, here it is important to know that The coffers we win after the battle will only have only four holes to open them and they will only be able to open one by one.

There are several types of coffers in Clash Royale:

  • Free safe
  • Silver chest (3 hours opening)
  • Golden Box (8 hours opening)
  • Crown casket (we need 10 won crowns in battles)
  • Giant Safe (12 hours opening)
  • Magic Box (12 hours opening)
  • Super Magical Safe
  • Epic Chest (will appear promptly in the store and after battle)
  • Legendary Safe (will appear promptly in the store and after battle)

And the second way is to buy cards that the game is going to offer randomly in the store and that will be updated every 24 hours, we will offer a letter of each type where the price will vary depending on the card.

Common Letters of Clash Royale

The famous and mythical Clash of Clans archers are a pair of unshielded remote attackers that will help you by attacking both ground and air troops. This card is unlocked in the training field (tutorial).

If we choose the archers at the time of attack we will loose two. It is advisable to throw them behind a unit with much life that serves as “tank” so that the archers can do enough damage to the target. Although they are one of the basic Clash of Clans troops here are the ones that do the most damage.

Little skeleton with more life than usual that will help us with a swarm of enemies. The Bomber is going to be able to unlock him in the training camp, this skeleton is very special, since it does not immolate but it is going to throw one bomb after another which will wreak havoc on the enemy troops due to its enormous splash damage.

This skeleton we will be able to use it to defend our troops, although also it does much damage to the towers of archers.

The knight is also going to be able to unlock him in the training camp, it is a troupe that owns a great sword and a great mustache very similar to the one of the barbarians but with a style of fight more elegant and like more developed.

The gentleman due to its low cost in elixir and its ample life we can use it to protect troops that we will release behind its back and that will devastate with what they are.

Another card that we can unlock in the training camp and as its name suggests is a shower of arrows that will stop big bosses of enemies but with little life.

This rain will help us a lot when we face a great wave of enemies like skeletons and goblins, but it will not help us attacking towers as their damage is reduced in those objectives. These small details must be taken into account during the game.

Goblins with Spears
Who thought it would be a good idea to teach these three goblins to throw spears? This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 1, this card will consist of three identical elves that we will be very useful as units of support both offensive and defensive.

They are especially useful to be able to finish with the units of air and to be able to defend our towers. In the offensive aspect are troops that behind those that have much life will do enough damage to the enemy towers.

These are going to be three very fast attackers without armor and with enough attack. This card can be obtained in Arena 1.

These Goblins are very effective as distraction for the troops that have much attack and on the contrary do much damage in troops and buildings when nobody is threatening them and they are attacking at will. The most remarkable and maximum virtue is that it is a very fast troop as happened in Clash of Clan, to take advantage of this must be present in our attacks.

Four very weak and fast melee fighters. This card can be unlocked in Arena 2.

This card is a pack of four skeletons that will help you against the troops with a high rate of damage and life, but with a slow movement like the Mini P.E.K.K.A, P.E.K.K.A or the prince. Use them wisely and above all try to find the right moment so that your slight movement does not affect you in your strategy.

Three flying attackers with little life and very fast, some blue minions that will crush everything in their path, unless they prevent it.

This card is unlockable in Arena 2. The minion is a gargoyle with big horns, short wings and large hands with sharp claws covered with dark elixir. Minions must be used behind cards with enough life as the giant, since you can not do much alone.

Its own name indicates it, a cannon that we will plant to defend in front of our towers of defense. The cannon we can unlock in Arena 3, the first games will be hard without the great help of the cannon but the joy of obtaining it will reward your effort.

The cannon is a card that falls into the category of defensive buildings, with ground troops there will be no problem but beware of flying troops as in Clash of Clans cannons do not attack this type of troops so match your defenses .

One orb of four barbarians will go out to defend or attack other enemy buildings. Barbarians, unlike Clash of Clans, are one of the most powerful units that we find in Clash Royale, finally have the role they deserve.

We will use them both on low sands and high sands. They have a lot of life and great damage, they will be a card with a high weight inside the game, but watch out for the cards that do splatter damage or the barbarians will last less than expected.

Another of the cards are considered as defensive buildings within Clash Royale. Controlling the electricity we will try to stop the continuous and incessant attacks of our enemy. The tesla we can unlock in Arena 4.

The Tesla tower will be a defensive building that will be hidden where it can not receive damage, will only receive damage when it comes to the surface and the only way to surface is when the enemy troops are within their range of attack.

Minion Horde
Exactly with the same characteristics that the normal letter of the henchmen only that instead of three minions you will invoke to six.

Logically having a higher number of henchmen will be a more expensive card but will do much more damage than the simple card of the minions. You must think very well which one you should choose for your battles, the simple card or the hordes of henchmen, a decision that may decide the future of your game, well not so much but that you must keep in mind, I think you have already understood what I wanted With my words.

One of the four cards that are going to be spells, you can stop your little enemies with a simple Zap. A small lightning that in a reduced radius will kill the enemy troops with little life and will give you a respite when defending your buildings.

The effect produced by the attack of the discharge is very similar to the attack of the lightning spell of Clash of Clans in its initial levels. It is difficult not to make many comparatives with his older brother since they are basically his characters with a few new additions.

The Mortar
A defensive building with a lot of range that will literally crush the enemy defensive towers from your side of the battle, due to its wide radius and its enormous amount of damage. The mortar is a card that you can unlock in Arena 6.

Because of this, the life of the mortar has been reduced to 20 seconds, but 20 seconds in which you can crush the enemy, but watch out for the flying troops as they are your weak point.

Royal Giant
The Royal Giant enters the battlefield like an elephant in a china store, firing with its huge cannon at any enemy structure. Do not trust that this giant does not have to reach the end of the road. The Royal Giant is a card that we will unlock in Arena 7.

Do not be discouraged to have less life than the normal Giant, just keep in mind that this Royal Giant is going to shoot from far away to the enemy tower, take care to protect it well with other types of troops and you will shake your enemies.

Fire Spirits
In launching this letter appear three fiery spirits prepared for death. They will launch at your enemies and explode causing damage instantly. Its low elixir cost will earn you a place in your deck, only two elixir.

Fire spirits are unlocked in Arena 5. They attack both air and ground targets causing splash damage, the only point against this card is that they have very little life and are helpless before the towers if they face the same as Before the attack of archers or the arrows.

Ice Spirit
This card generates a mischievous ice spirit that freezes a group of enemies. Winter is coming… . An ice chart that was needed and can be very useful for 1 single elixir.

This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 8 from the 2300 drinks, this solitary spirit will use it to freeze both a troop and a large group for 2 seconds and for just a droplet of elixir, certainly a great letter that Will give much play in the different strategies. Its reach of land and air and is a great combination with magicians.

Elite Barbarians
In releasing this card we generate a pair of high level barbarians. They are normal barbarians but harder, faster and stronger. The elite barbarians are unlocked in Arena 7 and their targets are only terrestrial.

They have more life than the common barbarians and are able to survive a fireball or a ZAP but if we face them against four barbarians of the same level the barbarians will win. The card with the best that can be compared is the mini P.E.K.K.A. And if we face them, the elite barbarians win. Anyway it is very expensive and compared it is much better to buy a mini P.E.K.K.A.

The truth is that Supercell has included a variety of cards, it is noticeable that things are well thought out, a short number of letters would have been the cause of the failure of a great game. On the next page we will talk about the Clash Royale Special Letters.