Google Play Gift Cards, also called Play Cards, available in Netherlands

25 Mar

Google Play Gift Cards, also called Play Cards, available in Netherlands

For android there is no ability to pay other than with Paypal or credit card. Obviously this is annoying for many people, because they have no credit card. Fortunately, Google released in America the gift card to the Play Store, making it just as an iTunes card, can buy a pre-paid card which you can purchase in the Play Store.

In the Netherlands, the gift cards available online!

In the Netherlands you can attend only online ordering Gift Cards .. Google Play gift card in the Netherlands, you can currently on the Play Store only buy apps, but in other countries it is already possible also music, video, books and equipment to order. This is to use the gift card, and not just for apps. There is an exception, you can not use the gift card for equipment / accessories in the store. It took a while before the Google Play Gift Cards available in the Netherlands, but now from about January 2014 you can now buy them in Netherlands, Albeit only online. ITunes gift card has been a popular gift for birthdays or holidays, gift cards are obviously so.

Google Gift Cards in any case different values. until now we have in America for a gift card for when you are 10, 15, 20 and 25 dollars. In Europe, the dollar sign to be replaced for the euro symbol, as it usually goes. For the latest news, you can keep an eye on the best our news, which can here. When ordering the Play cards are you able to do this by the three buttons above the 15, 25 and 50 euro tickets. Did you know that Google Gift Cards for everyone become available, so everyone can now finally buy apps without a credit card in the Play Store.

Google Buying Gift Cards

Suddenly out of nowhere, the gift cards became available online in the Netherlands. Earlier we were told that they would only come fourth quarter of 2014 available. is the first shop in the Netherlands they are offering. You can now buy gift card codes from 15 euros, 25 euros and 50 euros. There are some costs if you so buying online. The additional costs they currently 3 per card. It is most advantageous to buy a similar map of 50 euros. Get your gift card code here.

The advantage of online Google buy gift card codes that you receive the code immediately on your screen you can fill in the Play store, so you can use the same credit. This is the consideration that you will have to make. For now, the Google Play gift cards are not found in physical stores in the Netherlands. If you identify them somewhere? Then let us know.

This is preliminary to put the only way to get credit without a credit card on your Google account to spend in the Play Store. Naturally gift cards codes are also available in other countries. For example, in Germany. There’s the feed you paid less namely 2.69 euros. Those German gift cards codes can also be used in the Netherlands. You can order here.