How do you get more views on Youtube

13 Mar

How do you get more views on Youtube

Youtube look at how many subscribers you have on your channel. A subscriber is someone who has given it will follow you. Every time you upload a new video subscriber will receive it, and view as possible. It is therefore important to get good subscribers as possible. One possible way is to ask all your friends, family and acquaintances whether they want to follow you. If they know you personally, they will start following nine times out of ten. You can the video also ask people you want to follow.

The number of likes
Visitors have the opportunity to liken your video. This means that they say that this video is good. The goal of YouTube is to use the best video up, do they look at what visitors say about the video. As many people indicate that good quality video. Youtube videos will move up, and you become more views. Again, you can ask your friends, family and acquaintances you want to liken video. You can also ask in the video to your visitors Liking your video.

The number of favorites
YouTube also gives you the possibility to add a good video to your favorites. If this happens is that Youtube a signal that the video is good. The more people you video so will add to their list of favorite videos, the more your content will be viewed. There are not many people who know you can do this with a video. It is therefore a good way to get higher than your competitor. Ask here for your family and friends if they want to add video to their favorites. Since not everyone knows how it should, you can tell them. To add a video to your favorites, you must have logged on your channel. Then click Add below a video of the cup on, and then Bookmarks. Now the video has been added to your favorites list videos.

The number of responses
With each video exists the possibility to leave a comment. Some people disable this feature. That’s not smart because if you can miss a lot of viewers. For Youtube Views on namely also look at the amount of comments on your video. If many responding to the video, it will be a hot topic. Ask here again friends or a reaction can leave. If you get many responses you can video also appear on the page where the videos that receive the most comments. So you get more visitors to your video.

Create a playlist
YouTube also allows you to create a playlist of different videos. In a playlist, videos are played sequentially. This is for Youtube again a sign of quality. If people take the trouble to create a playlist with your video, the video will be good. It is therefore important to ensure that you are present in as many playlists. Also ask to your friends here again if they want to create a playlist that contain your video.

Write a good description
Youtube allows you to write a description of the video. Youtube you can not see a clear video like you and I see the video. That’s why YouTube has to do with text. There are quite a few people who skip this step, and here too much to be gained. In the description you can give information about the video. You have a maximum of 5,000 thousand characters to write a good description.