How to Check Social Security Number?

16 Jan

How to Check Social Security Number?

How to Check Social Security Number

Surely you have needed at some point your social security identification number. Even if you do not believe it and do not be aware, the number of social security is used very frequently is our daily life, whether it is when requesting medical care, buying prescription drugs, registering as workers, collecting benefits and in others many cases. In each of these actions, we are identified with the unique number of social security as well as the dni or nie.

Every citizen has a social security number regardless of age and if he has a work history or not, we all have a code through which we are identified in the SS.

This number is important to have it always on hand or have it pointed in some place that we know, since you do not know when they can ask for the code for any procedure or management with social security.

If you do not know your number, in this article we explain step by step how to know your social security number. It is not a complex or difficult process, you will only need some documents and follow some simple steps that we will indicate to you next.

What documents do I need to request the SS number?

Mainly depends on the method that we use to make the request, but as a general rule, to ask for the number you will only need your ID or passport and the health card.

Who can apply for worker’s affiliation?

At the request of the employer, for those workers who join for the first time to work in your company and are not affiliated to social security.
By request of the worker
Of course, by the Treasury itself

How can I get my Social Security number

There are several methods for getting the membership number. Here are the different forms available. Also we will mention some documents that you possibly have in house in which appears the code of the social security.

Methods to request the number Social Security

  • Introducing yourself in any SS Administration. You may have to make an appointment to avoid problems.
  • Through the Electronic Headquarters, through the option of Duplicate of Document of Affiliation by SMS. If you use this method it is necessary to have previously communicated to the General Treasury your mobile phone number.
  • Calling the social security user’s phone number. In this case you will be asked for your personal data (name, surname and ID).

Where can I find the SS number

  • In any payroll, either current or old.
  • In the document of resolution of the unemployment.
  • Work life, another document where also the social security number appears.
  • In the health card, in prescriptions issued by the doctor or by going to the nearest clinic.

We have to clarify that the social security number does not always appear on the health card. Normally this card is generated from the code of affiliation to Social Security, therefore, in many cases the number of affiliation with the code that appears on the health card usually matches.

In addition to this important detail, we must look at two other numbers that appear on the card to identify the code of the province where the affiliation was made and a sequential number. If your health card shows the letter “B” behind the longest number, it receives health care as a beneficiary (child not working or student, spouse, etc.) of another person.

Social security itself can override a number if it detects that it was granted without a right to do so. This is often the case in some cases, such as documentary falsification and phishing.