Sony event: Neo PS4, PS4 Slim and virtual reality

1 Mar

Sony event: Neo PS4, PS4 Slim and virtual reality

Sony held an event in New York, during which two new console will be announced: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Neo Slim.

The event of the day is definitely one that will star with Apple iPhone 7 and Watch 2, but two hours later in New York Sony will unveil the new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Neo Slim. The names circulating for several weeks may be different. There are fewer doubts about the characteristics of the two consoles, which have already leaked interesting details.

PlayStation 4 Neo

The most awaited is undoubtedly the PlayStation 4 Neo or Sony’s answer to Xbox One Microsoft S. This new model will replace the current PS4, but offer more advanced features. The console will be able to run 4K games, so users can take advantage of the recent Ultra HD TV. The resolution increase will also allow you to play content in virtual reality with PlayStation VR, the viewer will come on the market in October.

The PS4 Neo should have a hardware more stringent than the PS4 :: frequency increment for the CPU from 1.6 to 2.1 GHz, doubling of the execution unit for the GPU AMD (18 to 36) and increased bandwidth for the RAM memory (from 176 to 218 GB / s). The games run in “Neo” mode will thus resolution and higher frame rates. The first titles compatible should arrive at the beginning of 2017. As for the price is expected to increase by at least $ 100 compared to the PS4.

Slim PlayStation 4

The Slim version of the PS4 has no secrets. In recent weeks, have appeared online photos, videos and even a teardown revealed that the internal components. This console should not have new hardware, but only aesthetic. The dimensions are much smaller than the original model and the design is less edgy (the corners are rounded).

Along with the PS4 Slim it could be announced a new version of the DualShock controller 4. It is very likely that the new console would take the place of normal free PS4 onĀ, which will inherit from the list price, ie $ 350. To clear their inventories, Sony should reduce the price of the current model at $ 300.