Telephone Social Security: Telephone Number Information TGSS

16 Jan

Telephone Social Security: Telephone Number Information TGSS

Telephone Social Security

If you need the social security telephone, either to ask for a working life or for any other official procedure with TGGS, then we give you the necessary details so that you can contact the social security number.

If you need to do any management personally in the TGSS, you should know that it is mandatory to request prior appointment in social security.

  • Social Security Telephone Hours
  • Social security has a face-to-face schedule for tomorrow. However, if you need telephone assistance or to make an appointment, you can call at any time of the day, because if you call outside of a telephone call to speak with an agent, you will be assisted by an automatic system with voice recognition.

If you just want to speak with an operator and not with the automatic system, you must call from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.

Social Security Telephone

The telephones that the social security offers for telephone service or to request previous appointments have shared costs, that is to say, the cost of the call is distributed between the user and the TGSS, but even so, they are cheaper than the 902, where the cos Of the call is paid in full by the user or the person making the call. This type of telephone number used by social security, which is common in public administration. The part of the cost that corresponds to the user may depend on the rate that has contracted with the operator.

There are different phones for the different operations that you want to perform. Here are all your phones:

  • Telephone for pensions and other benefits INSS: 901 16 65 65
  • Telephone for automated pre-appointments for pensions and other INSS: 901 10 65 70
  • For affiliation to the SS, ask for the working life by telephone, inscriptions, collections, deferrals and general information, you must call 901 50 20 50

Free Social Security Phone

All phones with additional cost, have a free equivalent depending on the province. In this case, there are numbers of social security telephone numbers. The above telephone numbers are the general telephone numbers for talking to the central office. But if you call directly to one of its offices, the call will not have additional costs as it will be a call to a provincial fixed number.

To see the phone number of your nearest or closest office, you must use the office finder. Once the details of your TGSS office have been opened, the free social security number will appear.