The new iPhone 7 could sell significantly less than the iPhone 6s

9 Mar

The new iPhone 7 could sell significantly less than the iPhone 6s

As far as we know in relation to booking information of the iPhone 7, and how enthusiastic operators are displayed, it gives the feeling that the ideas that the device is not selling enough have no basis at all. That emotion, however, seems to have shut down quite quickly because recent reports from analysts suggest that device sales have dropped 25% over the weekend. Now it seems that the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has declared to the web Apple Insider that, based on its data, it does not seem that the iPhone 7 is going to sell as well as it did the iPhone 6s in the past. Since Kuo has a very solid reputation as far as Apple rumors and predictions are concerned, there is little to doubt his words.

Apple has benefited from Samsung’s mistakes

The company has estimated that Apple will sell close to 70 to 75 million units of the iPhone 7 for france in This figure is an increase of the initial 65 million, but mainly because they thought that the whole situation of Samsung with their Galaxy Note 7 that they exploited could Get to positively benefit Apple. Therefore, it does not seem to be so much a matter of Apple being offering users something they want and seek, but rather that Samsung has put a lot of effort into that.

Earlier this year, Apple reported that for the first time iPhone sales had dropped. Since the mobile phone market is so saturated, the fact that Apple has not made any changes in the redesign of its iPhone has clearly played against it. Therefore, it can not be said to be a complete surprise in this case. It is possible that the future iPhone of 2017, with its new OLED screen, improves the panorama; But at the moment it seems that things are for Apple.